Knowing the talent means enhancing it

At Strategic Talent, we are convinced that in order to make the best decisions regarding talent, we must have in-depth knowledge of the market, the talent and the organization.

That is why we evaluate the talent according to each companies’ specific needs and provide key information to develop effective and successful strategies.

Our Tools

Connecting Business

Organizational diagnosis, based on focus groups, where first-hand information is acquired about topics of interest for Human Resources and the business. It can be done for the entire company or for specific areas.

Interviews based on competences

A tool that measures the capacity to face specific situations, learning about past behaviours.

Insights Discovery

A tool that describes personality preferences and differentiates them by colors. It promotes self-knowledge and understanding of others to create effective communication, and therefore, effective relationships that encourage productivity at workplace.

Strategic Talent is a distributor of this tool for Mexico and Latin America.

Blue by Explorance

A tool to develop 360° evaluations tailor-made for each company. Through an automated process, questionnaires, follow-ups and reports are personalized, which contributes to improve analysis and talent management.

Assessment Online

A solution to assess skills and develop talent within the organization.