In Strategic Talent we have experience and knowledge in multiple areas, which enrich our search of high level executives.

We know the market and we have identified the best talent that exists in the organizations.


Of accuracy in the first candidate’s shortlist.


Of our finalists are compatible with the company’s culture and challenges.


Of our customers have hired us again.

100% of the candidates received an offer from the customer which matched their development expectations.

  • 100%

Plus 3% exceeded their expectations.

We increase an 80% in effectively eliminating the risk of losing talent during the selection process with our Getting Closer strategy, avoiding high costs for the companies.

  • 80%


Of the managers that we have hired in recent years, are still working in that company.

4 out of 10 projects result in multiple contracts.

We are convinced that the right executive in the right position
is key to the development and success of a company.

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